Welcome to our Médiéval Fort in Leynhac

Welcome to our 13/14th Centuary fort, situated in the south of the Cantal, Auvergne, France

We are an English family bought part of the medieval fort of Leynhac and also the old schoolhouse in the pretty village of Leynhac.   Follow the adventures of our renovation as our discoveries uncover some of the history of this magnificent building.

So welcome to our little corner of La France Profonde.   It is so beautiful, you have to come and experience it for yourselves

The Médiéval Fort of Leynhac

Leynhac is a small village in the Cantal near the border of the Avignon and the Lot.   The fort was built by Hugues de Castelnau and it’s walls were originally ten meters high and had watchtowers and crenellations.   On the run up from the church, there is an archway which used to fortified.   The archway also contains two orginial salt stones nicknames ‘les gabelards’.   There are many deep and cold cellars of the fort were used to store salt for the salt tax.   This precious mineral for the preservation of foodstuffs throughout the country.   There was a ‘dungeon’ or inner structure which also contained a communal room which was still used in 1975 as a presbytery.

The fort of Leynhac experienced the Hundred Years War, the wars of religion and was always a refuge for the inhabitants of Leynhac who had to defend it.   The keep was demolished shortly before the Revolution and its stones were used to build other dwellings, notably Cayla, a large house nearby.   The metal portcullis was sold by the municipality sometime after 1789.

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