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NAME: Michael John Smith


HOME TOWN: Leicester, East Midlands, England

FAVOURITE COLOUR: Maroon - don't know why

HAPPIEST MOMENT: Definitely the birth of my first child which was also the scariest moment.   All the doctors were pre-occupied with dealing with my wife and just thrust my new baby into my arms and pushed me through the doors into a room on my own.

FAVOURITE ARTIST: Both for his art and his approach to life, Kit Williams is definitely my favourite artist.  

FAVOURITE BOOK: As a child, it was the Swallows and Amazons series by Arthur Ransome.   Nowadays, I will take any good detective novel I can lay my hands on.

GUILTIEST PLEASURE: I think society and people nowadays feel too guilty about a lot of lifes pleasures, but you can't get much guiltier than a good rich chocolate cake with a glass of red wine.

WORST JOB: I once lasted three days washing up in a kitchen of a car manufacturer.   It was the single most miserable and greasy thing I have been paid to do.

FAVOURITE DRINK: If there is no tea available, why not have a Gin 'n Tonic...

RANDOM FACT: Once I rolled over in my sleep and dislocated my shoulder...!

FAVOURITE PHOTOGRAPHY GENRE: Portraiture is by far my favourite.   Head shots are where I excel, either natural light or using other lights.


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